How To Plan A 1920s Themed Party

If you ever wish to host a glamour and glitz-filled party filled with flappers, gangsters and jazz then you are looking to host a 1920s themed party or what postmodernists refer to as a great Gatsby party. This is one party that one would enjoy planning because it contains several elements which when combines results in an amazing night. But we understand that even though you may consider the planning process to be fun you would not know where to start. Therefore the following article will act as a comprehensive guide to any reader who wishes to glean some knowledge about hosting a fabulous 1920s themed party.


Although, it is not truly 1920s one can still proceed to place a corflute near the entrance of the party in order to let the guests know where to go and about the nature of the party. Furthermore, one should keep the room dark and utilize candles and twinkle lights to create the perfect ambiance. Moreover, peacock feathers should also be placed strategically to be used as décor pieces.


No 1920s themed party is completed without hosting a few card tables that would offer the guests an opportunity to try their hands at poker, blackjack, canasta etc. Furthermore, one can also proceed to place their modern twist on this age-old party by having a photo booth in order to allow the guests the opportunity to take a memento home with them. In this photo booth, one can house various props in order to make the guests feel the authenticity of the party. This, therefore, means that one can invest in 1920s themed event banners and signs to hang as the backdrop.

Furthermore, jazz music should be played throughout the night because this is a factor which characterizes the roaring 20s. Moreover, the dance floor should be opened and the guests should be allowed the chance to dance the Charleston.


The guests should obviously be asked to dress in their finest 1920s attires. This, therefore, means flapper dresses for the ladies and the gents would be required to wear suits which would be characterized by the long tail jackets which were a focal point in the 1920s as much as the flapper dress.

1920s themed parties are not too hard to plan because the props needed to execute such a party are freely available due to the popularity of similarly themed parties. Therefore make sure to refer the aforementioned article in order to provide the guests with a truly authentic roaring 20s experience.